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Chain DLK reviews 'The Unquiet Grave'

Chain D.L.K. webzine reviews 'The Unquiet Grave'

by Maurizio Pustianaz
12 April 2010

Two years ago when I reviewed and interviewed Alien Skin I was referring to their music as "night music". With THE UNQUIET GRAVE we're going over that concept as I don't think I ever saw a grave on the cover of a synthpop album and this is the main point because George Pappas' music is going beyond musical genres as it pictures an unquiet man questioning himself.

Taking its title from a 14th century English folksong (covered here and opening the album) THE UNQUIET GRAVE presents eleven new mid tempo songs that talks about vampire's dirty kisses, isolation (a sickness that has to be fought), morphine doses while waiting for an angel called Emily, funerals, birthday parties where the character feels like a shadow on the wall, vampires again (as a lyric excerpt I have to write this one: "take these veins and make them bleed for you"), etc.

Musically, take the most intimate Depeche Mode tunes, add some Marc Almond influence on vocals, shake and serve cold... This alien never sounded more human than this to me.

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